Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seattle Named Best City to Find Single Guys - Really?

As a girl from the Midwest, I was surprised by how difficult it was meet people in Seattle. There's a certain standoffishness to almost everyone, as everyone seems to be worried about what others will think. Thankfully, it's not just me that has faced this problem, as this phenomenon has already been coined as the "Seattle Freeze." Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of friends here who I love, but it took a while!

That's why when Marie Claire named Seattle as the #1 city for single ladies to find guys, I was surprised to say the least. I have a few single friends in the city who I know are thinking WHAT?! WHERE ARE THEY HIDING? Either way, here's what Marie Claire said about Seattle's single men scene:

"Hunting guys here isn't easy, thanks to persistently dank weather and the Vulcan-like standoffishness typical of Emerald City's comp-sci hordes. (Hundreds of tech firms, including Microsoft, are based in the area.) Locals boast that it's a haven for green-minded lefties who get as big a thrill rappelling the Cascades as they do "coding the architecture" (don't ask us what that means)."

Ok, I don't even know what "coding the architecture" means and I live here. Now I have to admit, even the geekiest of Seattle men are most likely outdoorsy as well. It's kind of hard not to be in the Pacific Northwest, so I guess that's a plus. Luckily, I have my own geek/outdoorsy man who is also from the Midwest. I was blessed to avoid the whole Seattle single scene all together.

Seattle beat out Denver, San Jose, San Diego and Austin. Nearby Portland, Ore. ranked a distant tenth. Check out the online article to see what Marie Claire says the other cities have to over.

I'd still like to know who did the research...and how they came to this conclusion.

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