Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Record Breaking Temperatures in Seattle

As you know, I am from the Midwest where temperatures in the 90s are normal and no one complains TOO much. Everyone has air conditioning at home, at literally every building. Last summer, which was my first summer here, I laughed when people were freaking out when it hit 90. Reporters were down at Greenlake warning people about heat stroke, there was a run on fans at Target and this was all for two days of above 90 temps. I just didn't get it.

Well this summer, the situation is a little different. For the past four days, temperatures have been in the 90-100 degree temperature range and they don't see it letting up until Friday. In Minnesota, this would be no big deal. You just don't go outside for more than an hour. But in Seattle, almost no one has air conditioning, including myself. No air conditioner at work or home (plus we're on the top floor of our building) makes for a dreadful day.

Today, temperatures soared into three digits, hitting a record 102 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport before 3 p.m. It was do different in downtown Seattle as you can see by the sign outside of The Seattle Times building in South Lake Union. Yikes.

We've resorted to restaurants, coffee shops and the movie theater to keep cool. Hoping for relief sometime soon!

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