Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adventures in Ebay - Moscow? Really?

If you know me at all, you know I am easily excited by very small, unimportant things (note: this is good and bad depending on what I'm excited about). My newest source of excitement up until ohhhh....24 minutes ago was my first ever experience selling on Ebay. I got an amazing Michael Kors soft wool coat for CHEAP at my favorite store (hint: the initials are VV), but when I got it home, it just didn't fit me quite right.

So, instead of redonating (I KNOW), I decided to make a little money by selling in on Ebay. I mean, come on, it's a beautiful Michael Kors wool coat in perfect condition. Being my first time selling on ebay, I'm pretty sure I checked the status of my sell about three times a day (that may be an understatment).
So, it gets to the last two minutes of the bidding. I'm refreshing the page every two seconds while Jon heckles me in the background. Finally, it ends and I have made some money on my purchase. SCORE! I click on the winner and this is what I get:

Um, WHAT? I'm pretty sure...oh wait, yes, I'm positive...I specifically said I would only ship to buyer in the U.S. Then some person comes along from Moscow, wins the bid on my first ebay item and totally crushes the fun. I have since sent a message to this buyer explaining that it will be more than $10 for shipping (more like $70) to ship to Moscow and if he/she not OK with that, well they can just find a beautiful Michael Kors coat somewhere else.
UPDATE: The coat is on it's way to Russia! The buyer paid and everything is good. Plus, I made $30. Whoot!

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