Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Breakfast at Anita's Crepes

I know it seems like my life revolves around food, but I promise it does not. I will be adding wine into the mix as of tomorrow when Jon and I head to wine country (insert screams of joy here). But for now, I will continue to share as I eat my way through my 24th birthday (as Jon so kindly pointed out last night at dinner, I am now in my mid-20s...GASP...and in crisis mode).

This morning, Jen was so sweet to take me out to breakfast for my birthday. We tried to go to The Dish, but seeing as they only take cash or checks (really? people still take checks and refuse to move over to credit cards? I don't understand.), we opted for Anita's Crepes which is just two shops down. Their breakfast is amazing! And I have to say, a hidden gem as we were the only people there at 8 a.m. Jen opted for the Breakfast Crepe, which looked yummy and relatively healthy:

I, however, decided to go for something a little bit more...extravagant? tasty? unhealthy? perfect? Choose whatever descriptor you would like, but the French Toast was to die for. I did go ahead and scoop off that HUGE pile of butter on top (like that helped with anything), but was in heaven as I ate the rest.
Thank goodness I promptly went to yoga class afterwards. Oh wait, which I cancelled out with a yummy peach cupcake from Cupcake Royale that Jen brought me (as you can see, there's not much left).
Don't judge. It's my birthday and I'll eat (or cry) if I want to! By the way, I have been to Anita's restaurant in Ballard once before for lunch and they have a great selection of lunch appropriate crepes. You'll also find them on Sunday's at the Ballard Market, where there is ALWAYS a line. Enjoy!

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