Friday, August 14, 2009

"Glamping" or Glamour Camping at Alexandria Nicole Cellars

OK. My boyfriend and I joke about the term 'glamping' whenever we venture out into the wilderness for the weekend. For those of you who haven't heard the term, it's short for "glamour camping." I was invited to join a glamping group on Facebook a couple months back and we just found the whole idea hilarious. Granted I will not typically camp more than two days and I'm all about car camping, not so much about hiking in and carrying all of our crap. My car is much better at that than I am. However, I received an email from Alexandria Nicole Cellars and it may have changed my mind on the whole 'silliness' factor. Here's what it said:
Alexandria Nicole Cellars is now offering Glamping, also known as glamour-camping, at its Estate Vineyard, Destiny Ridge. Three tents are available for rent at a rate of $75 per night. Equipped with all the comforts of home, each tent includes a queen-size bed, electricity, hot and cold running water, air conditioning, a large wood deck and individual barbecues. Guests can enjoy a beautiful view of the vineyard and Columbia River along with a peaceful place to sleep. In addition to wine tasting and vineyard tours, glampers can also participate in a range of activities including fishing, bike riding, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking and wildlife watching.

Check out the digs!

REALLY? We can barely fit two people in our tent, let alone have enough room for a yoga class!! I must say though, I would camp for a week if these were the facilities. Oh, and here's what you should probably be wearing if you go glamping at Alexandria Nicole's Estate Vineyard location:

Ha! Far cry from my torn jeans, college T-shirts and hiking boots. However I think I could pull it off as long as I was still allowed to carry around my bottle of wine and drink from a tin cup. For more information on glamping with Alexandria Nicole Cellars or to make a reservation, call (509) 786-3497 or visit Have fun and PLEASE let me know if you try this out.

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